Monday, 24 December 2012

The Artisans' Gift Fair comes to a close for 2012

It's incredible how fast December flew by.  The final day of the Artisans' Gift Fair was bustling with people seeking final items for their loved ones.  The atmosphere was upbeat as everyone was in the holiday spirit.

So on that note, this is the final post and vendor spotlight for 2012.  Sunday had a great selection of products, with many new faces to see.

To begin, 'Earth Faerie' had a large assortment of jewelry with beautiful ornate details and lovely colours.  This particular set would make a great statement while at a Christmas party or holiday event.  The price range was suitable for all types with items from $5 - $200.

If you're someone who enjoys making a fashion statement, then 'Kuru Accessories' would have been an ideal booth to visit.  These gorgeous pieces made from recycled and luxury leathers, mounted on sterling silver chains are a must have.  The sensation of wearing them is unique as they move and feel like feathers.  Prices ranged from $45 - $112.

There are those who have just about anything you can think of and are challenging to shop for.  If you know someone like this, '7 Touches of Bliss' might have been just the booth to visit.  A wide assortment of items that were fun and attractive in nature such as necklaces, figurines, essential oils, hair bands with feathers, and the list goes on.  Prices ranged from $15 - $50.

These items from 'Sheri STRanger' were quite exquisite - A wide selection of  jewelry and fashion apparel.  The clothing was one-of-a-kind with Sheri's own artwork printed onto the fabrics, then converted into dresses, tops, ties, etc.  Prices ranged from $20 - $250.

These items from 'Eric Essa' truly belonged in a museum.  Each necklace is hand carved and unique.  The sophistication of the carvings is reminiscent of earlier times.  Eric also creates customized pieces for people.  His prices are extraordinarily affordable ranging from $50 - $100.

'Little Green Design'   had beautiful jewelry with a native flair.  There were far too many pieces to capture, with an assortment of necklaces and earrings that were delicate gold or silver, or bold and colourful.  Prices ranged from $20 - $40.

Similar to the 22nd, the quality of the pottery that was available at the show was astounding.  'Caroline Yu Designs' had a selection of bowls, cups and other kitchen items that incorporated pleasant earth tones and cool blues.  Many of the pieces also had painted designs that were the perfect final touch.  Prices ranged from $8 - $65.

'Kozy' was the perfect name for this line of products - specifically 'Kozy Potz'.  There were numerous tea pot cozies, stockings, bodum covers and other useful household products.  The colours were endless too, to ensure a suitable match to your kitchen colour scheme.  Prices ranged from $15 - $20.

And on the note of 'home' products, 'Stained Glass by Leslee' had just about any kind of design you could imagine for stain glass ornaments and window decals.  It was literally impossible to capture it all, but while I was standing there a customer remarked on how much she loved Leslee's products so she was certainly creating waves with her work.  There was also a selection of framed images available that had a UK flair.  Prices ranged from $1 - $50.

So that concludes these updates for this year's show.  I hope that you found this information helpful when sourcing out ideas for gifts.  We look forward to seeing you next year!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photos provided by Battey-Pratt Designs


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